Happy Eclipse Day! An Adventure in My Backyard

Right place . Right time. That is how the saying goes. I live just north of Pittsburgh and that means I was just a few miles away from the totality belt for the April 8, 2024 eclipse. That all means that I could go out in my own backyard and have an almost total eclipse of the sun, provided the clouds cooperated.

Sometimes your best adventures can be close to home. I rolled right out after a 2 pm meeting and donned my eclipse glasses and was treated to the Universe’s show. The clouds did interrupt at regular intervals, but it was a fun time nonetheless. I actually enjoyed the clouds at times as it created an interesting screen here and there. I risked my phone’s camera figuring the clouds would provide a filter and caught a quick video of it:

Some from my area did take more of an adventure, driving to Erie or Cleveland so they could experience complete totality. I saw some posts criticizing them for leaving Pittsburgh because cloud cover was forecasted to be worse in these areas that in our own backyard. I don’t see the need to criticize anyone’s choice of an adventure, and I saw a few pictures of beautiful sunsets from these areas in the middle of the afternoon.

Whether you stayed home or ventured out, today was special and was anything you made of it. For me, it was a moment to feel connected to this beautiful Universe that gives us a wonderful home with magical displays if we choose to stop and observe.

Twilight is my favorite time of each day. It is the time of day where there is a thin line between day and night, light and dark. The veil is thin and it is a great time to be thankful for your day and look forward to possibilities the night will bring often in dreams.

Today was a bonus day. I got two twilights with one in the middle of the afternoon. I enjoyed leaning back on a mat, feeling both the earth and the sun, listening to the birds around me. I was truly peaceful in that energy for that space of time.

And that was not my only adventure today. I was hungry and I ventured out for some food and found that a new food truck was parked in my community. Even in your backyard there can be little surprises that make for a great adventure. Thanks to Chilly Willy for an awesome cheese steak many miles from Philadelphia.

Happy Eclipse Day! I hope you had a fun adventure today!

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