Adventure: When Conditions are Right. And When Conditions are Wrong. Spoiler: it is still good.

I recently drove from my home in Pittsburgh to Wilmington, NC to help my daughter move in to her new home. I am excited for her new adventure and was take one of my own for a few days.

We drove overnight which I have not done in some time. As we entered North Carolina, the sun was rising on my left and the moon was setting on my right. I had both day and night at the same time. It was a magical feeling and I thought to myself this may be the perfect conditions to start this adventure. I could not grab a picture so you will just have to trust me.

I like Wilmington. It has a great old town center with lots of history. We toured the Battleship and it was nice to see the restoration work going on around it. Apparently from all of the signs, the alligators like it too, but they were still hiding to stay warm on this trip. I hope to meet them (safely and respectfully) on a later visit. There are cool old bars and restaurants, a fun brewery, a great bookstore, good coffee, and fun comic shop (hope they will add my game to the store in the future).

I grabbed a coffee and strolled the River Walk along the Cape Fear River. The local dogs thought the conditions were perfect for walk along the river. I think dogs truly believe that the conditions are always perfect for an adventure.

One of our excursions was to Wrightsville Beach. As you probably have surmised from reading this, it was a bit chilly for this visit and very windy. These are not what most of us would call optimal conditions for a beach adventure. Nonetheless, we were not alone on the beach. Balls were being tossed, and walks were being taken.

And for some, these not so good conditions were just right. The local surfers were suited up for the cold Atlantic waters and their efforts were rewarded with some choice waves. They made me realize that if you are willing to work a little bit; maybe prepare a little bit; or just be flexible to meet it – any conditions can make for a great adventure.

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